The story behind K. L. Harring Transportation & Warehousing is very significant to our service. Our service stems from years of experience, dedication, and hard work. Keith L. Harring, the president and owner or K. L. Harring Transportation & Warehousing knows this first hand.

In 1978, Keith L. Harring began working full time as a professional owner-operator. After working seven years on the truck, Keith knew it was time to get off the road and build a company. The transition from an owner-driver to a carrier was a difficult but great learning experience. Eventually everything fell into place for Keith and K. L. Harring Transportation & Warehousing.

In 1988, Keith had moved his business out of a rented garage and into a new custom built facility of his own located on ten acres in Bethel, PA. Today, the office consists of 6,200 square-feet, the maintenance area 6,400 square-feet and 60,000 square-feet of temperature controlled warehouse. Over the years, not only has Keith added space to his facility but he has also added more Kenworths to his fleet. Keith currently has a fleet of thirty-five Kenworths powered by Cummins engines and a strong customer base located through out the U.S. and Canada.

Keith L. Harring has successfully built K.L Harring Transportation & Warehousing to what it is today. He has diligently cross-trained himself in all facets of the transportation & warehousing industry. Keith has climbed his way to success one step at a time. From the bottom to the top, Keith L. Harring knows and understands transportation and warehousing.

K. L. Harring Transportation & Warehousing is a pure sign of dedication and perfection. From the start to the present, Keith L. Harring has made quality service his main focus. He saw an opportunity to fill a niche for the company that needed more than just a truck, a trailer, and a body. Quality trucks, quality drivers and quality service is the key to success at K.L. Harring Transportation & Warehousing.