• 24-hour, 7 day a-week pickup and delivery, including nights, weekends, and holidays

  • Pickups in less than 90 minutes within 25 miles of our dispatching facility

  • Exact pick-up time, delivery time and price quoted when you call

  • Coast-to-coast service in the U.S. and Canada

  • Proactive notification – We offer a confirmation on pickup and delivery. We also notify all involved parties if shipment is ever more than 15 minutes behind schedule

  • Trained drivers to handle highly sensitive shipments

  • Money-back guarantee – 25% refund of total applicable freight charges if delivery occurs 2 hours later than the guaranteed time; 50% refund if more than 4 hours late

  • Over 96% of our shipments are delivered within 15 minutes of our time-specified promise

  • We have one of the industry’s lowest loss and damage claims ratio. Every shipment is automatically insured for $100,000 at no extra charge. Additional insurance coverage is also available

  • Provide localized, customized services to fulfill any need – even those requiring the most complicated routing

  • Our safety first program helps us achieve an accident rate well below the industry average – Our comprehensive safety efforts include educational programs as well as application of the latest technologies

  • Small or large, our customers are a source of pride – We take care of our customers-and our customers’ customers as if they were our own

  • We provide surface transportation for expedited freight

  • Shipments of delicate machinery, electronics, or computer components are transported in our Air Ride Suspension vehicles. These are the best choice to protect your cargo against the shocks, vibrations and other hazards on the road

  • Team drivers to speed the delivery of time-sensitive freight and provide greater safety

  • Express LTL truckloads have reduced shipment transfers to minimize the potential for damage and claims.

  • LTL rates are competitive and tailored to fit your needs